NetTV Plus is a subscription-based service that provides Subscribers with access to the NetTV Plus web portal and / or applications for viewing multimedia content via the Internet.
Before placing any order and / or access to the service, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions relating to the purchase of subscription, equipment and use of the “NetTV Plus” service offered by EON TV International Ltd, 3020 Limassol, Cyprus registered under EU VAT number CY10305830J (hereinafter NetTV Plus).
These General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relations between NetTV Plus and you as the Subscriber and the mutual rights and obligations regarding the provision of NetTV Plus services, so kindly read them carefully.

Subsequent changes to the General Terms and Conditions shall be timely published (up to 30 days in advance) on the website. If the changes significantly change the conditions under which the subscription was started in a way that is materially unfavorable for the subscriber, the subscriber can send an objection before the application of the conditions and in that case the changes will not apply to the rest of the paid subscription period.

By continuing to use the service after the changes take effect, it is considered that the subscriber agrees with the given changes. Changes that are exclusively in favor of the Subscriber, will be applied without delay and in that case the conditions from the previous paragraph do not apply.

Description of the Service

The NetTV Plus service includes access to the web portal / applications for monitoring content in digital format, via the possible transmission methods on supported devices, all in accordance with the offer that is always available at (hereinafter the Site ) and is valid for a certain territory.

The use of the NetTV Plus service is enabled to the Subscriber who has the technical requirements for the NetTV Plus service and who during the use of the service provides through its Internet provider a constant internet flow greater than 5 Mb / s, as well as a modem / router with a free LAN port.

NetTV Plus is legally and contractually independent of the relationship between the Subscriber and their Internet Service Provider. NetTV Plus will not be liable in any circumstances for any conditions imposed by such Internet Service Provider (including the terms, prices and any other conditions of the Internet Services provided).

The subscription relationship is based on the successful completion of the purchase form through the Site and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions in the online purchase process.
An interested person can pay the subscription and become a Subscriber in the business premises of authorized partners and distributors, as well as through authorized persons (partners, acquirers and other authorized persons), as well as through the Contact Center of NetTV Plus.

The NetTV Plus service is available in supported countries in different language versions, only to adult individuals for their own needs and for non-commercial purposes residing in those territories. For territories where the Service is not available, it will not be possible to make a payment and use the service.

Payment Plans

The offer of the NetTV Plus service consists of three Subscription Plans, i.e. Weekly, Monthly and Annual Subscription. The Subscriber is aware that the price of the service and the currency may vary from territory to territory and depending on the associated taxes.

Each of the above Subscription Plans, as well as all other Subscription Plans and special offers offered or to be offered in the future by NetTV Plus, allow the Subscriber to follow the program content during the subscription in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions:

  • Through supported devices in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions from the territory from which the Subscriber has concluded a subscription relationship;
  • From any territory where the NetTV Plus service is commercially available.

Each Subscriber is informed by accepting these General Terms and Conditions that certain elements of the service depend on the territory from which they access the service, such as. availability of program content or availability of third-party services. If the Subscriber accesses the service from a territory other than the one in which he originally subscribed, the Subscriber will automatically be connected to the version of the service available in the territory from which he accesses the service if it is provided in that territory.

NetTV Plus reserves the right to change the program content, Subscription Plans and price lists, whereby NetTV Plus may, in certain periods and in all or certain territories, introduce, change or cancel an additional subscription plan.

Additional subscription plans and subscription supplements

NetTV Plus has the discretion to offer Subscribers additional content, services or Subscription Plans from time to time under the terms of sale specified on the Site, provided that the availability of certain additional content, services or plans may be limited to Subscribers using the Service in a particular territory.

NetTV Plus may, in a certain period, place an offer in some or all markets in the form of a joint promotion, which would mean that in addition to the Service, it offers for sale or uses an additional third-party service. The use of the additional third party service is subject to the rules of the terms of use adopted by the third party, and it bears its own responsibility for the provision of its services. We advise you to read these conditions carefully beforehand.

Change of plan

If the Subscriber opts for any other plan from the offer during the Subscription relationship, he is obliged to inform NetTV Plus.

If NetTV Plus receives such notification from the Subscriber, the Subscriber will be able to follow the larger selected Subscription Plan starting from the payment of the additional difference (proportionally on a pro rata basis) for the new selected plan until the expiration of the current active subscription. In case the change to the lower plan is chosen, the change is possible after the expiration of the current paid period.

Subscription steps
Step 1: Choice of Subscription Plan

The Subscriber must choose the plan to which he wants to subscribe as well as the duration of the initial subscription.

Step 2: Personal information

The Subscriber is obliged to provide all the information necessary for the processing of the first order:

  • via the Site: country of residence, valid e-mail address, name and surname, valid telephone number, address, valid online payment information;
  • through a partner network: all valid identification data in accordance with the rules and regulations for the identification of persons in a given market for the conclusion of subscription agreements.
Step 3: Choice of payment method

Depending on the territory, the Subscriber chooses the available method of payment.

Step 4: Validation and payment

The Subscriber must accept the General Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box when making an online purchase or signing a contract in the case of a direct purchase through a local authorized partner network.

By clicking on the Pay option during Online shopping, the Subscriber agrees that all data is correct and authorizes NetTV Plus to charge for the service immediately.

If the Subscriber does not agree with any of the preconditions, they must not click on the corresponding box or sign the subscription agreement in case of direct purchase, which means that the validation process cannot be completed and the sale cannot be made.

In the case of credit card payments through the Site, the Subscriber must provide valid payment information to a certified online payment service provider through which NetTV Plus makes this type of payment. To complete the transaction, the Subscriber may also be required to enter data for the 3D Secure system (such as “Verifed by Visa”, “Mastercard Securecode”, etc.). The transaction costs of the bank or payment service provider may be charged to the Subscriber in case they are highlighted at the time of purchase.

The Subscriber is aware that NetTV Plus does not retain sensitive data on entered credit cards, but forwards them securely to its certified online payment service provider.

Step 5: Access to the Service

After validation of the payment by NetTV Plus, the Subscriber is enabled to access the service in accordance with the selected Subscription Plan via the desired device or application.

The service is accessed by activating the device by NetTV Plus or in another way (independently via a username and password or a one-time code) if such a type of access is established.

The subscriber is informed and accepts that the subscription is based on a fixed tariff for the selected period, so the entire subscription amount will be used regardless of whether and how many times he accessed the service itself. Proportional refund of the subscription amount is therefore not possible.

Additionally, given the nature of the service provided, (i.e. that NetTV Plus starts providing the service immediately upon payment and / or activation of the first device and thereafter before the end of any withdrawal / return period to which the Subscriber may otherwise be entitled) Subscribers expressly agree that they do not have the right to withdraw from the service within 14 days from the delivery of the service provided by Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament on consumer rights that do not apply to such service. This exception is in line with Article 16 of this Directive, which lists the exceptions to the right of withdrawal.


The subscriber can register up to six compatible devices on his account authorized exclusively for one household (which includes family members living in the same location). Of the six registered devices, the Subscriber can monitor the service on  2  devices at the same time, depending on the active Subscriber Plan. The subscriber can change the registered devices a limited number of times (usually one device within a month).

The Subscriber is also aware that if the concurrent viewing limit is exceeded (depending on the Subscriber Plan) the previously started session will be automatically terminated.
The services and content available through each device may vary. Information on which devices are compatible with NetTV Plus applications and what restrictions exist is available at any time on the Site in the Television or Help section.

The Subscriber must ensure that the devices meet the minimum hardware, system and software requirements, as stated on the Site and updated from time to time.
It is important to note that content may not be transferred from an activated device or attempt to access the service or content via any media or device other than a compatible and registered device in the manner expressly permitted by these General Terms and Conditions.

From time to time, the device manufacturer or device operating system may make changes that restrict the use of the NetTV Plus service on that device. If this occurs we will try to notify you of these changes in advance, but we have no control over the manufacturers and it may not always be possible to do so.
For security reasons and to protect the rights of our partners, it is not allowed to install the application on a device on which the restrictions included within the operating system have been removed or can be manipulated (“Jailbreaking”).

The Subscriber as the account holder is responsible for the security and adequate use of its activated devices. If you know or suspect that your account is being used by third parties, or suspect or become aware of any other security breach, you must tell us immediately, and it must also be ensured that such devices are blocked as soon as possible. If we believe that it has occurred, or a check determines that it has occurred or is likely to be a security breach, we may suspend your account so that not all activated devices will be able to use any part of the service.

NetTV Plus reserves the right to request additional verification or documentation from the Subscriber in case of binding several STB or SmartTV applications on one account.

Termination of the Contract
Termination by NetTV Plus

NetTV Plus may terminate the relationship with the Subscriber (or any part thereof) at any time. If NetTV Plus terminates the contract with the Subscriber (or any part thereof) after the Subscriber has paid the subscription for the use of the service, the Subscriber will have access to the services for the rest of the paid period.

In any case, NetTV Plus may immediately suspend or restrict the use of the Service by the Subscriber or any part of the Services and / or Content without refund or compensation if:

  • If the Subscriber allows another person to use services without authorization;
  • If the Subscriber uses the Service in public places or in an open space accessible to the public, records, reproduces, charges, publicly displays or otherwise distributes channels or programs available within the subscription plan;
  • If the Subscriber causes network interference or interferes with NetTV Plus’s provision of services;
  • If the Subscriber fraudulently uses the service / services;
  • If the Subscriber violates the right to industrial or intellectual property of NetTV Plus, program owners or third parties, as well as if the Subscriber violates the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions in the part relating to infringement of copyright and other related rights;
  • If NetTV Plus stops providing service / services.
Cancellation by the Subscriber

If the Subscriber terminates the Agreement during use or during the period covered by special offers from NetTV Plus, in which case the Subscriber is no longer eligible for any discount he had at the time of concluding the agreement and is obliged to pay the difference to NetTV Plus in addition to due and outstanding obligations. – for the received discount in relation to the standard prices of the subscriber plan, as well as the amount of the remaining monthly fees until the expiration of the agreed period. In that case, access to the service will be available until the expiration of the current paid subscription. Termination by the user can be done by email or letter.

Termination of Contract and Availability of Third-Party Services

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Subscriber expressly agrees that in case of termination of the subscription agreement, he may be denied access to an additional third party service, for the purchase or use of which he decided to offer a joint promotion.

Limitation of liability

Access to the service is provided continuously during the user’s subscription, with the exception of periodic scheduled maintenance and repair, server updates or exceptional interruptions.

NetTV Plus is liable in accordance with the law for: modification, disruption, or definitive or temporary interruption or any delay in signal distribution; any difficulty in receiving signals related to the place and conditions of reception, except in the case of inadequate equipment at the Subscriber, failure to provide the Subscriber or Internet provider of the subscriber Internet traffic greater than a minimum of 5 Mb / s, change or interruption due to problems with Subscriber’s Internet provider, some administrative, court or legal decision related to NetTV Plus, poor installation by the Subscriber or unauthorized service of equipment or poor use of the same by the Subscriber contrary to the provisions of these General Terms.

NetTV Plus shall not be held liable for delay or non-performance of its obligations under the Subscription Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions arising from cases of force majeure, as well as events of leakage or accident beyond reasonable control including but not limited to fire, earthquake, flood , storm, destruction of goods that NetTV Plus could not prevent, war (whether published or unpublished), state of emergency, armed conflict, terrorism, insurgency, civil unrest, blockade, embargo, acts of state authorities, sabotage, strike, natural disasters, work stoppages, general hazards, power outages, quarantine, pollution, external transmission influences.

Due to the technical characteristics of the Internet, users expressly acknowledge that they may encounter problems and / or malfunctions when connecting / communicating with the Service despite the declared speed of their Internet connection or speed tests they have previously performed.

NetTV Plus is not responsible for the content of programs broadcast within the subscription plans to which the Subscriber subscribes, as well as for dimming certain program content. NetTV Plus does not guarantee to the Subscriber that the owner of the program will not stop broadcasting the program, nor that the service that accesses the service is error-free. NetTV Plus is not liable for damage or violation of rights suffered by another Subscriber or any third party or the Subscriber itself due to abuse of the Subscriber. The Subscriber is liable to NetTV Plus, other Subscribers and any third party who suffers damage due to the Subscriber’s abuse of the NetTV Plus services. As such, the Subscriber accepts that some of the channels may be interrupted during certain programs or will not be available, and such interruptions and / or availability of the channels do not give the user any right to a refund or compensation.

If the Subscriber decides to purchase or use an additional third party service due to the offer of joint promotion, NetTV Plus does not bear any responsibility for providing that service, and in particular will not refund the paid subscription in case of suspension or termination of third party service.

The service we provide can also be made available through third party platforms, so for example the service can be accessed through special platforms on devices such as smart TVs, smart mobile devices or tablets, smart consoles for video games or other devices that have their own software environment and Internet connection. The owners of these platforms adopt their own terms of use, and bear their own responsibility regarding the use of their services. We advise you to read these conditions carefully beforehand.

Personal information and privacy

The Subscriber undertakes to provide accurate and complete data necessary for the establishment of a subscriber relationship and the execution of the contract and to notify NetTV Plus immediately in the event of a change in this data.

The protection of personal data and privacy of our users and visitors to the Site, and especially the categories of personal data processed by NetTV Plus, the method of personal data processing, access and protection of personal data are regulated by the NetTV Plus Privacy Policy, which supplements these General Terms and is an integral part of them.

The Subscriber must accept the NetTV Plus Privacy Policy by clicking on the box when making an online purchase or by signing a contract in the case of a direct purchase through a local authorized partner network. Otherwise, NetTV Plus is not obliged to provide him with access to the service.


All programs of the NetTV Plus service are protected by copyright and other related rights, and any recording, publishing, distribution or otherwise exploitation of the program for any purpose other than for personal home use by the Subscriber is prohibited.

It is not allowed to distribute the signal and programs from the offer indoors or outdoors accessible to the public. The Subscriber undertakes not to use in any way, directly or indirectly, or for commercial purposes, the programs covered by the Subscription Agreement and the offer with the price list, and in particular not to sell, charge or distribute signals of these programs and channels. In the event that the Subscriber violates this prohibition, NetTV Plus has the right to charge the Subscriber for any such case of further distribution regardless of the technology used for distribution, or for each individual commercial use of the program, and NetTV Plus will unilaterally terminate the subscription. Contract, and to demand from the Subscriber compensation for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from such exploitation of the program.

Payment of damages to NetTV Plus does not release the Subscriber from liability to the owner of the program or the holders of intellectual property, copyright and other related rights in the event of public display, recording or similar illegal use of applications.

The Subscriber is obliged to use the service with respect to the intellectual and other related rights of NetTV Plus, program owners or third parties. Any unauthorized use of any text, image, sound, video or information made available to the Subscriber is prohibited.

The Subscriber shall be liable for any infringement of the industrial or intellectual property rights of NetTV Plus, program owners or third parties, as well as for any other illicit conduct, and the Subscriber undertakes to release and protect NetTV Plus from any harmful consequences that may arise. violation of the stated rights and illegal behavior of the Subscriber.
The Subscriber is especially obliged to prevent children and youth, especially members of his family, from accessing program content that may harm the morals, physical or mental development of children and youth.

Customer support

Detailed information on the NetTV Plus service and the characteristics of the service and offer can be found by the Subscriber at any time on the Site in the Help section or can be obtained by calling one of the customer support telephone numbers. In some cases, the Customer Service may provide easier support and assistance, with the consent of the Subscriber, using a remote tool to access the Subscriber’s computer.
In the event of a conflict between these General Terms and Conditions and information provided by customer support or an authorized partner and parts of the Site, these General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Delivery method for subscription invoices

By this Agreement, the Subscriber confirms and accepts that subscription invoices, depending on the method of payment, are received directly at the point of sale, by mail or email at the request of the Subscriber, and the subscription is notified by phone, email and devices on which it monitors program.

The Subscriber is obliged to inform NetTV Plus in time about the change of data of the country of residence, as well as the change of his valid e-mail address and mobile or landline phone. NetTV Plus will start using the new billing information and notifications within 14 days of receiving the notifications. NetTV Plus is not responsible for the termination of the subscription or failure to notify about the expiration of the same, if the subscriber did not notify them in time to change the above information.

Subscriber Complaint and Dispute Resolution

For all information, complaints or questions related to the use of the NetTV Plus service, the Subscriber should contact the Customer Service by email or by calling one of the contact numbers.
NetTV Plus will make every effort to respond within a reasonable time to complaints, information requests and questions from Subscribers.
The Subscriber is aware and acknowledges that in the event of a technical failure related to his equipment he has activated, that in no way such technical failure can be attributed to NetTV Plus and therefore in no case can he extort refund.

NetTV Plus is not liable for damages if the Subscriber files a complaint about the service provided, i.e. the quality of the service provided, if the quality of the service provided is lower than prescribed or contracted due to objective reasons that could not be foreseen, avoided or eliminated (force majeure). timely announced works on maintenance of networks and services in deadlines appropriate to the circumstances.
All possible disputes or misunderstandings arising from these General Terms and Conditions will be resolved amicably and amicably by the contracting parties, and if they fail to do so, they will be resolved by a court in Cyprus or one of the courts in the Subscriber’s residence chosen by NetTV Plus.


These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus. These General Terms and Conditions shall not limit any consumer protection rights to which you may be entitled in accordance with the applicable laws of the Subscriber’s country of residence.

Other rights and obligations

The Subscriber may not, without the express written consent of NetTV Plus, transfer any of the subscription rights and obligations under the contract and these General Terms and Conditions to a third party.
The Subscriber may not resell or provide for further use the NetTV Plus service.

If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions becomes contrary to law, invalid or unenforceable in accordance with the law, it will not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of other provisions and conditions of the Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions.

These terms of sale do not entitle anyone except the Subscriber and NetTV Plus.
This version of the General Terms and Conditions no. 1/2020 enters into force on 2 October 2020.